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Hi, I'm Musical Memoirs. The memoirs that i write is one in the form of amateurish music, it's all based on my feelings, hope you enjoy. To use my music you should properly ask for it, if you plan to use it for making profit then give me an offer.

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gonna do some classical music

Posted by Musical-Memoirs - May 1st, 2010

my focus on electronical music is over
i will still do some trance / dance or whatever type of electronical songs
but i am gonna focus on the beautiful real existing instruments and my compositions will be aimed at being classical (movie soundtrack) songs
and once i have learned that a little and have started learning to play the piano i will try to compose music i can play together with my brother who plays guitar
i love a very wide range of music and i want to try out a lot of different type of songs

i have lots of ideas that i want to try out... too bad most ideas wont work out because the ideas are not good enough or i wont have the skills to make my ideas reality

as a start i have a song for you to listen to
~K4P~ 29 - Approaching (demo)

a second orchestral demo is made already
~K4P~ 30 - orchestral demo 2

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Same thoughts... When I joined NG I started making techno,trance and dance music.. But then when I started college.. my taste of music changed.. Now, I'm into classical.. I'm studying music, a freshman. I'm in a learning process of making cinematic orchestral music too. X3

And.. btw, not bad for a demo ^_^

i couldnt motivate myself to look for music a few years ago... a year before i started making music my interest raised a lot and i always wanted to do something artistic... then i decided to make music and my interest began to grow
but even though i have always liked classical music i couldnt motivate myself to look for it untill i realized what music did to me
now im addicted to music and want to grow to a next level to get beter and beter... guess its all thanks to the one who recognized me the first as an artist, the one who motivated me and inspired me to go on... she made my interest grow

now i started my next step and im so motivated to go on that i just cant wait till im more skilled
i wish you luck and i will definitely check out your music too
thanks for checking my demo, hope i can pull out something nice from it