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i dont see the credits

i know, most people wont look at them, but i miss the credits
i want to know what soundtrack this is...

there is not much movement, but the movements it has looks natural
you made extremely good use of the music which made a simple animation really interesting. you made it flow perfectly with the music (and choose the right type of music for it) which is missing on most amateur movies.
the stances were right and the facial expressions are great.

wow, love the first song ;P

nice choice of music, you choose the best songs i ever heard!!! ;) haha
no... i am seriously going to review this flash... (my music is still not that great anyway, i still have long way to go)

first of all im happy to see that your the first on newgrounds who used any of my songs in there flashes (and credited me so that i can find it myself)... but the use of it could be a lot better
my song compared with the song after it has no velocity at all, for 50% my own fault, still need to fix that... but you choose the song yourself for that specific flash so you should have decided to increase it yourself (or lower the other)
another problem is that my music doesnt stop... the volume is low so it doesnt get noticed easily, but my song still plays while the second one has already started... its also a way to sudden change
love the second song, nemenistheory has some great songs and you choose quite a fitting one from her

only one more thing on the music... you did gave me credits on the flash page, but not inside the flash itself... im really happy that you gave credits at all, but it would have been nice if you also gave me credits in the flash itself like you did with nemenistheory

the flash it self is nothing special...
first of all its a sprite movie, so not much from you on the characters and background
the conversation could use voice actors
and the whole flash needs a story
the first few seconds of the flash (the part where my song plays) is something where nothing happens and what does happen in it doesnt go smooth
the camera movements are a good thing only they could also use a lot more work

i know this is only a preview, so its nothing more then logical that you still have to work on it... but even as a preview it needs to have more structure
i know its quite a list that you have to work on, but with attention and time anyone can make something nice eventually
sorry that i dont have much good things to say, but i always try to be honest on the hope my opinion and ideas might help you to get better
i wish you a lot of fun and good luck, hopefully this review is useful to you...

Musical Memoirs

Koblivian responds:

for the last time its a preview!!!!!!!!!

cool idea

its a cool idea for a collab
most collabs are just a few movies about the same subject by some random artist who have for each movie a different story,
those collabs are nothing more then a "collection" placed in one movie
this is something new!!! this is really working together to make 1 movie
even though the idea is great, i still think it could have been performed a little better...
hope to see more of this kind of big collaborations were the artists actually does work together!!!!!!!

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multitasking is hard...!!!
guess you need to be a woman to be able to play this
but i love the challenge :)


nice/funny concept... but after completing the game its booring
you should at least made it possible to upgrade endlessly
or let it have more games in it

simple... but addictive!

its nice, too bad its 90% chance based...
only thing you can do is have a good trow at the beginning
but once hit the spacebar... you have very little control
the only reason i like it is because its addictive
but even through i got a super score... im not in the list because there are too many hackers on top... you should clean up those impossible to get high scores!!! :(
then i would be in the list

my top scores :P
height: 11049 (more then 2x the hight you see the thorgames text... nothing special there... once in space eveything is the same)
distance 150414 (only less then 4000 too low to get in the top list... if the hacker scores would be kicked out then i would be in there!!!)

nice score right? :P
too bad there is no top list for height records... and it doesnt save it as a personal best either :(
thats why i decided to review... thats a way i can save my personal record i yust made XD

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i would love to see what happens if you continue

work on the tempo, its not steady at all eben before the beat came in i heard it already, but the beat made it obvious
and redo the beat, its simple and doesnt fit the song
the singing doesnt catch my interest either
but!!! it has potential
the buildup is good and the chords are nice
interesting to hear some guitar finaly

scullcrusher responds:

ya the reason it sounds so crammed and rushed is because it was, the class wanted 12 tracks within a minute and I hadn't messed with the piano to much by this point which is where the drums came from unfortunately. But thanks ill see what i can do :)

not changing enough

its a slowly progressive piece and im not into the (in my opinion) too slow building pieces
yet this shows a lot of potential (in the beginning i though i was going to really like this till i noticed how long it stayed unchanged...), too bad it kind of stays at potential though i dont know what was in the first part of the intro (doesnt feel its missing something though) and i havent heard the outro (which is missing) so i cant say anything about that, but this is what i advice...

the melody stays the whole time while a simple chance at some moments could really do a lot, what i believe you should have done is make the last note of the melody a high note at a few moments
this is your current melody (higher number = higher notes, the - is to represent how long the note stays)
if you make it at a few moments something like this (or something else)
then it would be way more interesting, its not a big change and would still work fine with the style

the high note at 3.34 are not a success to me, the timing is the problem here
the sound at 4.07 is a success though, made it way more interesting once again especialy because of the change you gave it a few times like at 4.55

not gonna work

the melody doesnt fit the style
some melodies are really designed for specific sounds types, this is one of the kinds you cant remix with any sound
if you decide to change the synths it might have a chance, but for now its not working so i advice you not to continue on this song, you have a lot more things that have way more potential

D-Chain responds:

hey bro... there is no way to continue this.. just bc this is done in like a couple of minutes it really means nothing to me..
thats why it hasnt been progressed any further and thus there wont be any finished version.
i know mike as a composer,
and its really great what he has done so far,

comparing my knowledge with his knowledge is like turning his godly music into garbage.
so in other clearer words: this was just for fun and nothing more.

perhaps if you want to remix ANYTHING from the guy, you should remix it into another style.. not hardtrance imo.

i still thank you for your time and effort(for what it was)
take care.

Hi, I'm Musical Memoirs. The memoirs that i write is one in the form of amateurish music, it's all based on my feelings, hope you enjoy. To use my music you should properly ask for it, if you plan to use it for making profit then give me an offer.

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