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Just a little update.

2012-10-13 17:03:57 by Musical-Memoirs

Its been a while.
And I really don't know when will be the next time i will show something again.
There is much I want to do but not much time to actually do all of them.
But I have definitely improved a lot lately.

First cool thing I want to share is the instruments I own right now.
I have made quite a collection of instruments at the moment.
- Digital piano
- 5 different ocarinas (+ an iPhone app where you can play one on)
- Electric guitar
- Violin (decoration purpose)
- Melodica (also known as a melodion or a pianica)
- cajon
- 2 different flutes (decoration purpose)
- A few handcrafted paper flutes (amazing thing is that even though they are out of tune, you can actually play them)

As you can see it increased a lot from a piano only. And the list will most definitely increase a lot!
From all the instruments I have I am currently focusing on two of them: the piano and the ocarina.
Most of you probably know the ocarina from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Its a wind instrument that doesn't use a tube shape unlike all others.
But there are lots of different ocarinas, divided in two main categories (though more exist): linear and cross fingering. These two categories have completely different fingering patterns. And some ocarinas have multiple chambers in one instrument that increase the note range and can be played independently and together from each other, these are usually for more professional use and usually the linear type.
I have a:
- 12-hole replica of the Zelda game
- 10 hole in the shape of a bird wing
- Small 6-hole (that I always wear as a necklace)
- 6-hole in the shape of an hylian shield from the Zelda game
- Professional double chambered ocarina (Double Sweet Potato in C Forte Style)
- An iPhone app called Songbird (Its amazing how much it feels like a real instrument, and can be played for free)
All ocarinas I own come from Songbird Ocarinas
The ocarina is an amazing instrument!!! And since it is so unique (still a very unknown instrument), it feels even more special to use it.

Then when I start being active again I would really want to have my own website with a blog about my musical experiences. In that case I would also use sites like dropbox and maybe youtube to share my music instead of using newgrounds. Newgrounds just doesn't feel like the place to be for me anymore.
I don't know when I will start this. Might be a short time, might be a long time... but it will definitely become awesome.
Lots of ideas for this, but it will take a lot of time that I can't afford to spend right now.

That's all for now :P

(The picture below does not include all of my instruments,
The ones missing are: digital piano, electric guitar, cajon, 4 new ocarinas, marching orchestra bass drum, and a drum that i cant catagorize)

Just a little update.


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2012-10-13 17:27:00

I bought a Ocarina off of Songbird too :)
Legend of Zelda one, I know, I'm a total nerd ^.^

Musical-Memoirs responds:

Cool!!! What version do you have?
Old 5/6 hole model, the new 7-hole, the old 12-hole, or the updated 12-hole (as shown in my picture)?
I am still thinking about buying the fairy ocarina (new 6-hole model) and some other non-Zelda related ocarinas.