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Not gonna upload new music

2013-09-15 17:12:48 by Musical-Memoirs

I made the final decision that when I finally start again at composing that I wont be uploading my music on newgrounds anymore. When the time comes that I will be back will be the same time when I will put my own website in the air. At that website you will still be ably to freely download the music and use it in simple flash projects.
Not gonna give an estimation on when I will be back, but it will probably take a while so better not wait for it.

Here is some interesting news though.
I have become a Link cosplayer (from The Legend of Zelda game series) and start to get better and better at playing the ocarina. I love the ocarina so much that I already own 12 of them. And cosplay is great too!!! Never expected it to be so much fun!

Not gonna upload new music


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