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Run Away -MM Run Away -MM

Rated 3 / 5 stars

i would love to see what happens if you continue

work on the tempo, its not steady at all eben before the beat came in i heard it already, but the beat made it obvious
and redo the beat, its simple and doesnt fit the song
the singing doesnt catch my interest either
but!!! it has potential
the buildup is good and the chords are nice
interesting to hear some guitar finaly

scullcrusher responds:

ya the reason it sounds so crammed and rushed is because it was, the class wanted 12 tracks within a minute and I hadn't messed with the piano to much by this point which is where the drums came from unfortunately. But thanks ill see what i can do :)

Witness 2nd Draft [A-C] Witness 2nd Draft [A-C]

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is a beautifully piece
its really been a while to find this type of music on newgrounds made so well
he only the second part should have a bit more power, a way more velocity and a beat change (a tiny bit more active) would make that part way more interesting
the part from 1:20 till 1:50 also needs more velocity (but not a more active beat)
other then that it would give more depth and feel into the song if the lead guitar would have a tiny bit of vibrato into some notes
though its not perfect its something that really sounds great!!!

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Autumn-Collapse responds:


Thanks for your review, and we're glad you enjoyed it! Actually, you might not believe me, but only the first part of this song was legitimately recorded. We got lazy since we were only recording a draft/quick idea memo, but we decided it sounded so good that I took the rhythm guitar part and looped it over and over throughout the song. If you listen carefully, each individual part sounds the same. So... yeah, we're definitely going to be working on making the song better and give it more 'velocity' and better stuff halfway through the song! :D

Thanks for your time,
-Autumn Collapse

Blue Eye's[128kbps NG-Cut] Blue Eye's[128kbps NG-Cut]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

not changing enough

its a slowly progressive piece and im not into the (in my opinion) too slow building pieces
yet this shows a lot of potential (in the beginning i though i was going to really like this till i noticed how long it stayed unchanged...), too bad it kind of stays at potential though i dont know what was in the first part of the intro (doesnt feel its missing something though) and i havent heard the outro (which is missing) so i cant say anything about that, but this is what i advice...

the melody stays the whole time while a simple chance at some moments could really do a lot, what i believe you should have done is make the last note of the melody a high note at a few moments
this is your current melody (higher number = higher notes, the - is to represent how long the note stays)
if you make it at a few moments something like this (or something else)
then it would be way more interesting, its not a big change and would still work fine with the style

the high note at 3.34 are not a success to me, the timing is the problem here
the sound at 4.07 is a success though, made it way more interesting once again especialy because of the change you gave it a few times like at 4.55

Tubular Bells[Hardtrance Mix] Tubular Bells[Hardtrance Mix]

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not gonna work

the melody doesnt fit the style
some melodies are really designed for specific sounds types, this is one of the kinds you cant remix with any sound
if you decide to change the synths it might have a chance, but for now its not working so i advice you not to continue on this song, you have a lot more things that have way more potential

D-Chain responds:

hey bro... there is no way to continue this.. just bc this is done in like a couple of minutes it really means nothing to me..
thats why it hasnt been progressed any further and thus there wont be any finished version.
i know mike as a composer,
and its really great what he has done so far,

comparing my knowledge with his knowledge is like turning his godly music into garbage.
so in other clearer words: this was just for fun and nothing more.

perhaps if you want to remix ANYTHING from the guy, you should remix it into another style.. not hardtrance imo.

i still thank you for your time and effort(for what it was)
take care.

Another Way[wip] Another Way[wip]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

piano... lets see...

nice, been a while since i checked your music... (and whenever i did i never left a review...)
so its time to review some stuff already i guess :)
also wanted to go through your unfinished stuff to see if i could spot something already that i could help you with by playing the piano

i love the melody and the the strength of this piece, the second half really brings out some nice emotions. the best thing is that all the parts really work fine together, thats really some fine accomplishment for a song like this
the only thing i truly mis in this is a bit calmer part, making a calm ending might be great idea for this

i am thinking about how a piano would fit in here and the only way i think it would fit is by having some low piano chords and some loose higher notes, though if you make a calm part in it there might be more options
i will think about it and maybe try something out for you
and about the violin... working with orchestral sounds can really bring the feelings alive, but you would need some practice and maybe some better sounding violin
the violin feels like a synth instead of a real instrument at the moment, which is a shame since strings do fit in here

Orchestral Shorties No. 1 Orchestral Shorties No. 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

what to score? xD

some details are really great, as something to practice it should have been a great experience, but it doesnt work at all because of the current structure, you are way closer to movie, game soundtrack music then i will be anytime soon, thats definitely that i can hear in this
too bad that i like a lot of small details in this (even a lot) but dont like it as a whole, i have no idea how to rate it because of that... an 8 for all those details or a 5 because i dont like to listen to it as a whole... well a 5 or a 6 feels too low... guess ill give it a 7

sorry for the late review, heard it quite a long time ago already but never got to really review it

Reconnection DEMO [MM] Reconnection DEMO [MM]

Rated 3 / 5 stars

yay, some new stuff

a very unusual style like always :)
hope i get to see your style develop into some great music one day
unusual styles are the hardest to give advice on but i think i know some points you could improve this piece on

the most important thing you should work on is the beat
the percussions you choose doest work well for this piece at all (especially the clap) and possibly the whole rithm of the beat (i have the feeling that you made the beat so active on some points because you tried too hard to make it sound well because you got the same feeling and didnt know how to improve it well)
for this piece you would need some very unusual sounds used as percussion to make it mix well into the song
since your the only one i know who works in this style its hard to give some good examples but i think Cao Aid from Marco V is the best i can think of to show you some ideas, in that piece he uses some sounds in the beat that would normally never be used like that and it works well (those strange sounds doesnt even fully give the feeling that they are part of the beat, so fluently it mixes into the song)

something ells that could be improved is a better support to some of the the current sounds, when you use a sound on the background that follows the current melody it can give some more structure to it (in this style it would sound well to make those backgrounds sound change in form a little while playing with some effects in the mixer by the use of automations)

last thing i can think of are the transitions from one part to another, some goes smooth but some could use a little more work

hope i gave you some ideas of how to improve it

scullcrusher responds:

I have to largely agree with a lot of those points some of the transitions im not happy with and i need to fill the beat but i gotta figure out how. i guess my mind is to creative for itself at times :p i have this one and a couple other projects on the go right now but i mainly uploaded this demo so you knew i wasn't sluffing off lol im gonna be working on it tonight i believe and hopefully i can actually get somewhere with it. if not it might end up back in my revisit later folder lol. thanks for the review :)

[qWertY] Atmosphere [qWertY] Atmosphere

Rated 4 / 5 stars

your full of potential

gone through all your songs (even the collab with scullcrusher (thats the way i found you)) and i have to say that you really have the potential to make great music!!!
while listening trigger happy and this one i thought about it and i think you might better specialize in orchestral music or a mix of it
maybe your not into classical music but your compositions give me the feeling that with some nice orchestral sounds you could create some great stuff
dont know if your interested in that kind of music (or make more like trigger happy) but i advice you to check out "edirol orchestral" its a quite simple but good sounding tool for some orchestral music

would love to see how you grow (even if you wont use any orchestral sounds in your future projects) so i would love to get a notice when you have something new

musical memoirs

{K4P/Meinsla} Collab {K4P/Meinsla} Collab

Rated 5 / 5 stars

its me, kill4peace

im happy to see your back safe and sound :)
sorry that i didnt get to do a lot on it eventually, but that is even more reason that this song should indeed be on your account, not mine
but at least im happy to have given you the inspiration to continue further on my demo
but soon after that i discovered that orchestral/piano music is something i like even more to make then music in any electronical genre anyway, currently its even hard to find any inspiration on electronical music

and i recently made a account name change, kill4peace doesnt even exists anymore since i didnt create a new account to do so
i finally found a name that fits me so on that exact moment i asked luis to change that stupid gamers name to this

gonna check you sometimes again now that i know your back

Musical Memoirs

The Titan's Sword *C-Star* The Titan's Sword *C-Star*

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great, but might be better if it had more power

wow nice! i really love this one
only it needs a little bit more power into it to give the composition true justice (not much is needed i think, a little might be enough)
tend the beginning part (which you repeate in most part of the song) can be a lot more alive... you should play a little with the velocity of the notes, slowly going up and down might make it feel more alive already and would probebly give that part a tiny bit more power too

good luck!

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CreamingStar responds:

I know! This was my first attempt at composing, on a really lame program, and so it definently needs an update. I've started redoing it on EW, but it just takes so much time starting from stratch and all. Anyways, I'll get to it one day. Thanks for checking it out K4P, and thanks for your comments!